The following is a list of Entertainers who are willing (if able) to help by performing at your event

Penny Black - Fresh Air & Fun

Penny Black Folk  -  Lancashire Comedy Folk Duo (the biggest duo in the UK! (up to 6 members)) 

Penny Black combines the talents of Lancashire "lads" -John Bond (Vocals, Guitar) and Pete Skinner (Vocals, 5 String electric and Acoustic Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and everything Else!) supplemented on occasions by one or more of their musical friends or family.

Having spent many years honing their musical abilities (they've been honed so much they're just about worn away!) they decided to form a fun group for their own amazement! playing Lancashire songs and dialect poems, comic (some might say risque) songs plus various serious and not so serious instrumentals, the most important aspect of the group had to be to enjoy what they were doing and to spread this enjoyment to their audiences and raise some money for charity - this they have succeeded in doing in fact a local report on one of their "gigs" stated "when Penny Black had finished their set, there wasn't a dry seat in the house!"

Fresh Air & Fun - Penny Black Folk

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