Provisional Programme


9th July 2011 Noon to Midnight

The Marine Hall, Fleetwood, Lancashire

If any bands would like to join our band waiting list, or if you require further information about the event please contact us via Email to or phone Daz on 01253 822215. Thank you.

Sorry we weren't able to fit all the bands that kindly put there name's forward, as you can see it is a Very tight schedule, so far we have 18 bands on our waiting list & *if anyone does drop out we will contact you as soon as.

Thanks again for all your support and hope to see you on the day, 

*NB Please let Daz be aware of your band on arrival to the marine hall as you may be asked to play on the day,  instruments can be provided

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Main stage 

12:00 Barbara Jackson

12:10 one four three 

12:35 Fleetwood high girl band (solvent free) 

13:00 Jekyll

13:30 The colours 

14:00 The underachieves 

14:30 Phatt tuesday 

15:00 Me who dares

15:30 Framed at the crime scene 

16:00 Red Cabbage

16:30 Elysium

17:00 Hooker 

17:30 Jeps 

BREAK 18:00-19:00-MAYOR 

19:00 Ashes of humanity 

19:30 Happy daize

20:00 Triple Threat

20:30 The Versions 

21:00 U.F.X 

21:30 The Heat 

22:00 ValveTronix

22:30 Rupert fabulous 

23:00 Blue pig orchestra


Acoustic stage 

12:30 Matt Peill/ Rhys Alexander

13:00 Paige Howard 

13:30 3rd step 

14:00 Alexandra Lowe

14:30 Shakers blues band 

15.00 Chris.C.


16:00 Paul Hudson & Ayshea Manning 

16:30 Spiral Scouts 

17:00 Sid Little 

17:30 Blue pig Orchestra 

18:15 Kiss of the Gypsy



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