Blue Pig Orchestra

The Blue Pig Orchestra

How refreshing that in these days of talent shows and instant fame, a band comes along with the work ethic of the hardworking gigging bands of the 1960’s and 70’s.The Blue Pig Orchestra are a throwback to a bygone age, where a band were happy to serve an apprenticeship by constantly working and honing their stagecraft.

Based in Blackpool, on the North West Coast of England, this 5 piece featuring lead guitar, bass, drums, and stunning lead male, female and three part vocal harmonies have been packing venues since 2007.The band initially made their name by performing cover-versions, in which they would take on songs that other bands wouldn’t dare, and still manage to create their own Blue Pig sound. At over 300 gigs, audiences have been blown away by classics such as ‘More than a feeling’ by Boston and ‘Give me shelter’ by the Stones. Their version of ‘Hotel California’ has quite literally stopped shows, with screams of delight and standing ovations. The band’s reputation quickly grew, with gig goers and musicians alike. With a following now secured, in 2011 the band decided the time was right to launch their own material. The band are all songwriters in the own right and have worked hard to create a ‘Blue Pig’ sound while writing in contrasting styles. A mix of British/Celtic folk and Americana gives their material an exciting mood changing dimension.

Every song tells a story, whether it is the haunting ‘Gallows Hill’ about the Pendle Witch trials, or the catchy ‘Life and times of Jeff’ about the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, or the firm live favourite ‘Bessie Jones’ about a local shipwreck, or even ‘Kilgrimal’ a local legend of a sunken church…….each song has its own tale to tell.

The band recorded a taster CD of 5 tracks in November 2011 which has seen the band’s reputation sore and gained them many more fans. A common site at the end of gigs is a queue of fans wanting signed CDs. The band knows the importance of all the hard groundwork they have put in with the covers side of their work. This has helped them cement a following, which initially by word of mouth has seen their fan base grow exponentially. Those fans now demand original material at covers gigs, the band often having to extend encores with their original material to keep fans happy - fans who now turn up from all parts of the UK.

With several successful festival appearances under their belt and more to look forward to later in the year, the band goes from strength to strength and looks forward to bigger and better showcases in the near future. The band now think the time is right to reach an even wider audience. With the appetite for ‘real’ music and musicianship coming to the fore, there is a place for The Blue Pig Orchestra to make their own mark, to give the world their own sound.

The band has emotional tales to tell and the time is right for the Blue Pig to rise…… 


Akin are a five piece contemporary rock band based in North West England. Their unique style is influenced by artists such as Kasabian, Fleetwood Mac, The Libertines and Bastille; giving them a medley of diverse sounds accompanied by unconventional lyrics, appropriate for any occasion. With a wholly mature and professional attitude, Akin are looking for as much support as they can get to help them move on to the next stage in the music industry. 

De Palma

De Palma are a force of nature - playing a bewitching blend of reggae, ska and new wave classics by Bob Marley, UB40, The Specials, Bad Manners, The Clash, The Stranglers and many many more through to their show stopping encore 'Jump Around' by House of Pain. Their live performance is electric with a groove so tight that it's impossible to keep still. With a line up boasting personnel from punk legends One Way System, Top UK band Ska Face, and Factory Records darlings Section 25 - they offer a blisteringly powerful take on the genres with a harder edge and a great line in crowd banter: With a forthcoming 4 track EP produced by Dub Sharma on the way in September they are one to watch in every sense.

  The Plough Folk

A bunch of wandering Minstrels, with no specific allegiance to any genre of music, who meet every Tuesday at The Plough in Staining.

You will see them at YutoFest doing a "Meet & Greet" at the main entrance to the venue, rattling out various songs and tunes, and rattling collection boxes - please do not feel threatened by this bunch of reprobates as they are easily appeased by throwing some coinage into their collection boxes, a cheery smile and merry greeting has also been know to help. 

They also are happy if you come and join in and make some music with them.

Doctor Proctor 

Dr Procter are an acoustic duo who have been together for 2 years now.

With a mutual love of 60's music, and The Beatles in particular, Dr Procter have been pleasing audiences of all ages with songs from the likes of The Kinks, Squeeze, R.E.M, Oasis and Robbie Williams to name but a few. 

Dr Procter are a dynamic duo who won't disappoint.

 Elizabeth Preston

Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I've played the cello since being young and a few years ago I bought a loop pedal. That's how the trouble started. Since then I've been experimenting with using the loop pedal to write songs by recording and layering cello parts and vocal harmonies live. I like to get a big sound built up and then use the loops as a live backing to sing & play to. So far it's been fun & quite noisy. As far as musical influences go, I have a special fondness for slightly eccentric female British singer/songrwiters (Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes). Something I try to keep up in my own small way.

Emily Adams & Alan Pill

Emily Adams is the Fylde coast's hottest new singing sensation!

At only 17 years of age she already has the maturity, style  and natural vocal ability to rival the greats. Alan Pill is a versatile guitarist with many years experience in all manner of bands and session recordings. Together they have created a stripped-down yet highly rhythmic approach to contemporary and classic rock & pop favourites. Hits by the likes of Adele, Jessie J, Rihanna, Emeli Sande, Lady Gaga are complimented by classics from Police, Fleetwood Mac, Sam Brown, Stevie Wonder and showstoppers from greats such as Etta James, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin. 

Happy Daize

Happy haze/daize/grass/ united nations, are one of the happiest hippiest musical voyages going.with many members who join when the occasion arises mixing the 60s aquarian vibe with rock,reggae and original songs,they have performed just about everywhere and have round 10,000 followers globally. Their first releases were official cover versions of "glad all over" and "brown eyed girl"in conjunction with the original artists. Protest song "frack off" got international air play,and "happy song"has been on global radio playlists for the last 4 years and have since just released the album "lizard queen" going under the name "GRASS" all original varied music.

In their native Blackpool area,they can often be found playing charity events,festivals and the odd boozer. The key members of the collective have worked with many well known groups and projects over the years,who have all contributed to the unique sound of happy haze
Its about peace,love,happy colours and groovin tunes man

The Jeps

The Jeps are a quartet, formed in 2005, who perform an extensive repertoire of covers, from the 60’s to the present day.

They pride themselves on superb vocals and 3 part harmonies and are a very popular choice for weddings, corporate function and parties. The Jeps live show guarantees you and your guests a great night of entertainment, playing only HIT tunes, with no fillers!

The band are :-

Elliot Ramsbottom – lead vocals & bass

Paul Roskell – lead guitar & backing vocals

Joel Cheetham – rhythm guitar & backing vocals

Rob Geoghegan – drums & percussion


Kaduchi are a trio that hail from the Fylde Coast. Their style is an eclectic mix of musical genres, with Katy’s haunting rich vocals, complimented by Dutch’s solid guitar accompaniment and Wix on percussion, that all blends well together.  Kaduchi have evolved from jamming sessions for many years around kitchen tables and in living rooms around the Fylde Coast and even as far afield as The Old Dungeon Ghyll in Langdale. 

Katy has been singing from an early age. At just 12 years old she won the Tallyman singing Trophy at Fylde Folk Festival. Music is in her blood and hailing from the Whelan family and growing up around music she has cut her teeth and is raring to go. 
Chris (AKA Dutch) has played on the Blackpool pub scene for a number of years; a former member of The Corsairs, The Dirty Daggers, The Honey Badgers and Jet Stream. He is equally at home playing indie, rock, blues and folk not forgetting he plays a mean slide guitar!
Simon (AKA Wix) has been drumming in bands, since an early age. Simon can adapt to any genre of music even when he has been put on the spot with songs never rehearsed before!    


Kazoobian are the world's greatest non-Kasabian tribute act. Instead they make the songs you thought you've heard so many times before sound so much better. 

Plus they've come up with a couple of parodies and their own theme song based around some really famous tunes. You may have seen them on You Tube if you've typed in the words "South Shore" or "Moving To Poulton". 

Live they are probably the most energetic and exciting band you will ever see but don't take the singers words for it - see for yourself.

Milton Street Preachers

Milton Street Preachers are:  Anna Delgado - bass, Cameron Cooper - drums, Oliver Spencer - keyboard, Joe Clueit - el. guitar, Toni Stead - ac.guitar/vocal, Alice Hurt - ac.guitar/vocal. They are all from Carr Head Primary, Poulton apart from Toni Stead who goes to Baines Endowed Primary in Thornton. They are all between 9-11 years old.

They got together this January when Modern Music Academy opened in Fleetwood. They came as they heard about it and wanted to give it a go. Anna hasn't played bass prior that time and was so keen that she bought a bass a few weeks after she started. The same with Toni and Alice. They got their new Yamahas APX recently. 

They all seem to be working very well together, so they hope they will make a nice impression on the festival visitors and  organizers.

Mortal Cins

Mortal Cins is made up of Ben Gibson (guitar, vocals)  has been playing for 6 years and is progressing and is striving to be the best in his profession. 

Becky Slater (drums) has been playing the drums for 4 years. However she has made quick progress and gives the professions a run for their money. 
James Seixas (bass) has been playing for 3 years. and is one of the best young bassists around
Courtney Cooper (lead vocals).she has been singing in bands for 3 years and has unique voice
We are a hard rock/ heavy metal band whose influences include: Iron Maiden, Guns 'N Roses, Black Sabbath and Bon Jovi. We have been playing together for approx 6 months, and all have a love for all that is rock and roll. even though  we have been together for a short time we rock like season pros with awesome stage presence and showmanship. We are available for bookings, and would play and form of rock based music. We are also in the process of writing our first album. we are all looking forward to playing at yuto fest as it will be the first gig we have ever played together .

Power Trip

Power Trip are a classic rock quintet based in and around the seaside resort of Blackpool. 

With a clear mission to recreate the sounds of yesteryear from all your classic rock favourites, you certainly won't find us churning out twee little ditties or any, erm, 'offerings' from the stables of Messrs Cowell or Walsh (Louis that is, we're OK with Joe!). 

Formed at the very end of 2011 from the ashes of another local band, we began life in the classic power trio format, then increased up to a 4-piece before more recently expanding again to a 5-piece with the addition of our latest Power Tripper, Pete.  We're at our happiest playing hits from Deep Purple, ZZ-Top, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Free, Queen, Gary Moore, Status Quo, Bad Company and many, many, more, with the occasional surprise thrown in for good measure!  You can keep up to date with us on Facebook simply by searching for powertripblackpool.
John sings, Chris plays guitar, Kev bangs the drums, Pete tickles the ivories and Phil aims low on bass!


Quadrent are a four piece band from Wyre playing songs you really don't expect to be able to hear done acoustically! We like to keep the pace upbeat and steer away from traditional chill out mellow tracks so expect more Billy Idol and not so much Bob Dylan. 

Featuring members of local acts Trident and Rock & Soul we like to keep the music varied and the crowd on the dance floor and requests are always welcomed! 



Northwest band Redscar playing in central and west Lancashire. Happy go lucky bunch of guys who play classic rock, blues as well as having a go at playing all types of music.

The lads are active supporters of charity work and are involved with the Neuro Foundation and Help the heroes .

Vocals: Graham, 

Guitars: Adam and Bill, 

Bass: Chalky,  

Keyboards: Chris 

and on the drums: Sexy Renwick 

The Sonic Jam Project

The Sonic Jam Project

The Sonic Jam Project were originally formed in June 2009, after a few line up changes and a short break have reformed with fresh new ideas and a  different musical approach. 

Rachel Walmsley was drafted in for backing vocals at a private family function and it worked so well the band discussed and decided to bring her in on a permanent basis as lead vocalist. Rachel has brought talent, good looks, and fresh ideas to the band. The band have played local gigs around the Fylde coast  and a number of private functions.  

We cover a mixed bag of Rock and Pop classics past and present ranging from Jessie J, to Foo Fighters.  

We are a Five piece comprising of Rachel Walmsley on Lead Vocals, Dave James on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Lee Andrew on Lead Guitar and backing vocals, Alan Allcock on Bass Guitar and backing Vocals, and Rob "Animal" Naylor on Drums and Percussion. We are all passionate musicians who just enjoy what we do!!!

Spiral Scouts

Spiral Scouts are probably best described as a collective rather than a band, and are made up of ten revolving musicians...... the sound has been inspired by music from many cultures.. moving from quirky stick in your head riffs to reflective fingerpicking and back to gypsy rhythms again... held together by thoughtful lyrics, melody and harmonies we can all engage with and relate to....

We strive to create a constantly changing sound and hope to be a thoroughly engaging band without taking ourselves too seriously 

The Great Tune Robbery

The Great Tune Robbery

The Great Tune Robbery are a covers band based in Blackpool, featuring ex-members of Sinister Footwear and Striker.

Specialising mainly in 60s/70s classics, Film Soundtracks, music that has been used on TV and obscure one-hit-wonders.

Formed in 2012 and still very new to the scene we are currently building up a repertoire of songs to perform live.


Gatorville is a classic rock experience that pays homage to the virtuoso musicianship and masterpiece compositions in Rock and Roll history.

A spanking new set for 2013 has introduced a few more well known and loved rock classics from bands such as The Rolling Stones, Foreigner, Golden Earring, Whitesnake, UFO,  AC/DC and more.

Vocals, Raw Sex & Twirling Mic Stand -- Ian 'Rabbit' Warren 
Hitting Things VERY Hard --  Kim 'Kimosabi' Sweeney. 
Keys and occasional plank spanking -- Iain 'Fergie' Ferguson.
Bass and Beer Monster -- Geoff 'Boggles' Schofield. 
Lead Guitar and bandana - Mr Mick Campbell.


Spitting on a Roast

Spitting on a Roast

Spitting on a roast has been the resident band at Fleetwood Folk Club for about twenty five years, the current line up includes Mike France on Indian Harmonium and keyboard, Mike Fairclough on banjo and bouzouki, Tony Mason on guitar and piano accordian and Jim Slater on whistle and guitar.

Fleetwood Folk club meets each Thursday evening at the Strawberry Gardens, Poulton Road Fleetwood commencing at 8:30. Everyone is welcome to come along and take part whether they sing, recite, tell a joke or just sit and enjoy what the others are doing. About once a month we have a guest artist but that does not stop us having a sing around as well on those nights.


The Big Red

We are The Big Red! We are a rock/funk band from Blackpool.

Our names are Josh Bilsborrow (lead vocals and guitar), Megan Roe (backing vocals and guitar), Felix Robinson (bass) and Elliott (drums). 

We really love performing and are passionate about music, we're all studying music at Blackpool Sixth and hats where we met. Our main influences are the Arctic Monkeys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kasabian. 

We've been together for a few months and we've had quite a lot of gigs. Our favourite gig so far has been at Kirkhambury!


The People

The People

 “The People” are a young group of four, comprising:

   ·   Alex Brown – Lead guitar and vocals

   ·   Joe Wood – Bass guitar and vocals

   ·   Sam Catterall – Rhythm guitar and vocals

   ·   Dec Aston – Drums

They have been together since March 2012 and are developing into a popular and successful band, performing popular cover songs and some of their own material all over the Fylde Coast. 

They are the 2013 winners of the Fylde Coast Battle of the Bands competition.

They are currently writing their own material and have just released their first single “Dry Your Eyes” which you can find on YouTube.

Twitter - @peopleband

The Solid States

The Solid States

"A crowded room seething with seditious youth...
The air pulsates, circling four fastidious figures,
Rhythm ululates, a guitar strikes up a strangely familiar tune,
Lights brandish no faces and gimmicks aren't hiding the purpose for being here,
Drums shock a beat into a heart; bass turns people into tuning forks
As it reverberates 'round the room...
... People find themselves surfing on sound waves, fuelled by alcoholic forgetfulness; a voice begins their journey on rhythmic waves of The Solid States.

The Solid States, a rock and roll band, were formed in March 2012. Gigging for over a year, they are working towards increasing their fan base, gigging and producing their own unique music."


The Versions

The Versions

The Versions are the band that play the songs you love but don’t expect to hear! 

Hits by Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Roxy Music, Chic, Blondie, Toto, Doobie Brothers & The Faces give you an idea of what's in the set list. 

Combining three-part harmonies, catchy melodies, and great musicianship in a set that spans the decades and genre, The Versions guarantee a great night's entertainment.  

The X-Rays

The X-Rays

"The X-Rays are a four-piece group who play skiffle-punk, using ukuleles, mandolins, acoustic guitars and cajon drums to provide a unique take on the punk and new-wave hits of the 70's and 80's. Songs by The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Undertones, Talking Heads and even Kraftwerk are put through the X-Rays patented mangling machine and presented for your listening pleasure. Fun guaranteed! 

Whistle Test

Whistle Test

In the dark days of the 1970s, a time of power cuts, 3 day weeks, crap beer and only 3 TV channels, the young people needed someone to show them the way. 

No one knew from where he came but each week millions throughout the land gathered in front of their TVs to hear the word of the guru known simply as Whispering Bob. Bob knew that the youth were mad about music so his teachings were interspersed with live music from popular beat combos of the day. The music included everyone from Alice Cooper to ZZ Top, from AWB to Warren Zevon, and the word was “nice”.

In 2012, Dave (guitar) and Steve (vocals) decided to form a band to pay homage to the great music of the Old Grey Whistle Test in early 2013 they were joined by Mark (lead guitar/vocals), Rennie (drums/vocals) and Alan (bass) and Whistle Test was born. 


"Belvadere are a young upcoming three piece band, from the Blackpool area, members include Jess Cunnah (Lead Vocals), Danny Marland (Keys, Backing Vocals) and Harrison Clark (Guitar, Backing Vocals). 

Having just started 7 months ago, Belvadere have hit the big venues and are already establishing a name for themselves. They play a variety of covers, making them unique and versitile. 

Taking influences by the likes of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, Belvadere have composed their own original music and have been playing it live in front of a different pleased crowd every week! Belvadere recently went on a music tour in Italy and played sets in various locations around Venice, Garda and Sirmione, they felt it was a great experience to play their own music in front of a foreign crowd. They also had the magnificent chance of playing in St. Marks square in front of a vast amount of tourists and locals." 

Chris Clancy

Chris Clancy

Chris Clancy is a local musician who found small fame in his American-based band Mutiny Within. After signing to Roadrunner Records and touring the states, he came home and set about writing music that he really believed in and enjoyed. 

Through his music, he hopes to connect with people through hard times in their lives. Currently writing for a new musical venture, Chris will be performing a set of acoustic renditions of his new songs.

Paul & Ayshea

Paul & Ayshea 

Paul & Ayshea are a guitar and vocal duo with a difference.

 Performing songs from artists as diverse as The Beautiful South and Adele to David Guetta and Lady GaGa. 

Acoustic guitar and strong vocals make Paul & Ayshea an act not to be missed.

The Shakers

The Shakers

The Shakers are a hard rockin' rhythm & blues band from deep down in the Fylde Coast Delta. The band are renowned for their full-on, testosterone fuelled, live performances coupled with some great musicianship and lots of fun. The Shakers are stalwarts of the North West blues scene and regularly play at the leading blues clubs and festivals – including The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne.

John Carroll: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Brian Hunter: Vocals, Bass

Chris Peacock: Guitar

Craig Holland: Drums

So, whether you think you know Blues music or not, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride....



Some say it is the way that lead guitarist Peter Lawrenson habitually contorts his face into grimaces worthy of winning the national Gurning championship that gives this band it’s name – and there is more than a modicum of truth in this. 

Collectively, however, Scott Oram, Peter Lawrenson and Colin Beesley set out about a year ago to create a band that would present such a Mad Mix and arrangements of covers and original material (across the genres), that only the name Barkin’ seemed suitable. 

With guest guitarists often offering their services in order to enhance the mix – this musical madness is always in a state of fascinating flux.

Cartoon Food

Cartoon Food are a four piece, acoustic band, performing original material. We have been together for around eighteen months.

The band are local to the area. Members are :-

Ian Wright - Vocals/Guitars/woodwind/melodica/bells and whistles, 
Jez on cajon/vocals and percussion, 
Peter Wright on guitar/mandolin.
Shaun Elliott on bass guitar and vocals. 

We enjoyed a taste of festival performing last year at the Fylde Folk Festival as well as Playfest and The Langdale Music Festival where we were very well received. We have been invited to perform again at all three festivals in 2013 as well as the Knaresborough Feva festival in August, Manchester music festival in July and Worcester music festival in September.

We have recently finished recording our first cd at Blueprint Studios in Salford which shall be released soon..

We have a facebook page and links to videos on Youtube.


Hooker are a four piece home-grown rock/blues band with an old school swagger.Playing their original material they exude high energy riffs.

Hooker are pleased to support and be a part of the Yutofest 2013.


 Thomas Bounce

Thomas Bounce

Thomas Bounce is 17 and lives in Great Eccleston. He left school last year to start his own business as a performing bounce juggler and circus workshop entertainer. 

He adapts his skills to a variety of public and corporate events. Thomas learned to toss juggle when he was 6 years old and learned to bounce juggle when he was 14. 

He has enjoyed performing in many large venues including the Liverpool Empire Theatre and Blackpool Opera House. In 2011, Thomas won a number of awards, including 2nd place in the British Young Juggler of the Year competition.

This year, Thomas was a semi finalist on Britain's Got Talent.... 


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